Japan's largest galvanizing and processing capacity of zinc alloy plating


Corporate philosophy and company motto

Corporate philosophy

Deliver products that satisfy our customers

by providing environmentally friendly surface treatments,
responding to the needs of the times,

and always aiming for technology improvement.

Since our establishment, we have enjoyed the support of our users in various fields, and have continued to operate our business as a barrel zinc plating specialist.


In addition, we have been tackling the challenges and smoothly providing

• Zinc-iron (Ultra Zinc) plating

• Zinc-nickel (Jinroi) plating

in order to respond to the needs of our users for high corrosion resistance zinc alloy plating.



Under our company motto of "Our customers provide our salaries," each and every one of employees are working together to develop our company by

(1) Delivering products that satisfy our customers,

(2) Tackling new challenges and improving our technologies, and

(3) Strictly keeping our delivery deadlines (with 24 hour-a-day support).