Japan's largest galvanizing and processing capacity of zinc alloy plating




The oxide film on parts made of stainless steel is removed and they are finished with a glossy surface.

Top coats

Cosmer treatment

This is a pollution-free water-based coating that does not contain any heavy metals harmful to the environment or humans such as lead and chromium.

This treatment consists mainly of water-soluble silica and an inorganic anti-corrosive agent, forming a thin tough film with excellent durability. It is especially used to coat zinc-nickel alloy plating and zinc plating and provides outstanding corrosion resistance.

Treatment is available in a white or black finish.

Torquer treatment (Torquer CA-H)

This is a water-soluble coating for reducing and stabilizing the friction coefficient of fastening parts during fastening.

Finigard treatment

This is a water-soluble coating that can be applied to zinc and zinc alloy plating to obtain excellent corrosion resistance and at the same time control the friction coefficient of the surface to a low level.

ZEC coat treatment

ZEC coat is a completely chromium-free, zinc-based metal surface treatment agent that provides high rust prevention and high corrosion resistant performance.

ZEC coat enhances the sacrificial corrosion protection effect of zinc during zinc plating and zinc alloy plating, and suppresses white rust generation of zinc, as well as red rust generation.

In addition, this is a coating with a self-healing characteristic with a thin film of about 1 um.

JN coat treatment

JN coat is a highly corrosion resistant coating for zinc plating and zinc alloy plating. The color tone is obtained using two types of coating agents, transparent (white) and black, to produce a stainless steel tone or a black appearance, and by adding wax separately, the coating can be adjusted to have a low friction coefficient.