Japan's largest galvanizing and processing capacity of zinc alloy plating


Zinc plating

Zinc plating uses a pollution-free acidic bath or an alkaline bath, and these are separately selected according to the size, length and heat treatment differences of the plated products.

Best balance of function, appearance quality and cost

Corrosion resistance is further improved by generating a trivalent chemical conversion coating film on the zinc plating which is inexpensive and has good corrosion resistance. Zinc plating offers the best balance of function, appearance quality and cost, and mass production is possible, so it is widely used for plating general parts such as automobile parts and industrial machinery.

Complex shapes can be accommodated

The good plating properties of zinc enable relatively complex shapes to be handled.


At present, trivalent chromium conversion treatment is the mainstream hexavalent chromium-free treatment in use.

The trivalent chromium conversion treatment is available in a white or black finish.


Trivalent chromate (white)

White rust generation: 96 h, red rust generation: 240 h


Black trivalent chromate    
White rust generation: 168 h, red rust generation: 360 h